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Global Domain, We are a domain sourcing and purchasing company.

If you have ended up at this site it may be because you are looking for a website that should or could benefit from utilising this domain name, our portfolio of domain names is extensive and we have had many successful negotations of some of the domain names held.

Brand Identity

A domain name means so much to a companies identity, whats the point of having a website on a domain that doesnt even relate to what you do?
Company branding and correct domain names are everything, you got to this site, whats stopping your customers?

About evilbay.co.uk

hate ebay.... perfect


If your domain name does not match your company name or isnt related to your business itself then what is the point in having it, domain names should be short and catchy for people to easily remember and pass on to others.

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We dont overprice our domains with many of them avaiable at a low cost for those interested, contact us and you might be pleasantly surprised.

How the process works

The whole process is simple and we aim to make it as quick and easy as possible, the steps involved are listed below.

Locate your ideal domain name

Great you have already completed this stage, if you have got here then so can your customers, can you afford to lose custom?

Make initial contact

Contact us about which domain you are interested in aquiring and we will get back to you quickly with information about the domain, our aim is to offer a quick and easy negotiation in the process of yourselves aquiring the domain name.

Agree a price

In our contact we will agree on a price for the domain and detail how to make payment suitably, we use PayPal or Escrow for buyer and seller security.

Transfer the domain

Once funds have been secured in Escrow or PayPal, the domain will be released to your registrant and you can use the domain immediately.

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